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Why It’s Time To Ditch Your Bath Mat

Clave's - AquaShield Mat™. British Slip On Wet Bathroom Floors Every Year.*

Super Absorbent Pure Diatomaceous Earth

No More Damp Shower Mat

Super-Absorbent Diatomaceous Earth Resists Germs 

Quick-Dry Porous Surface = Fully Dry In Seconds

Non-Slip Design Provides Grip & Safety

Safe, Gentle, & Breathable On Skin

Minimal Upkeep, Lasts For Years

Traditional Bath Mats Are Gross & Dangerous 

Elevate Your Bathing Experience

Our AquaShield Mat™ redefines the concept of a quick-dry bath mat, setting a new standard for cleanliness, safety, and elegance in your bathroom.

Our groundbreaking multi-layered design swiftly captures, absorbs, and evaporates moisture, ensuring your bathroom stays pristine and slip-free

“Water droplets literally vanish in seconds... ” 

See how Clave's - AquaShield Mat™ can keep your bathroom dry, clean, no-slip, & germ-free.

Dries Quickly = Never Soggy, Smelly, or Slippery


Helps Prevent Slipping, Keeping Your Bathroom A Safe Environment

The soft, chalky texture firmly grips your feet. Plus, the special non-slip mat that comes with the Stone Bath Mat helps to keep it from sliding on the floor. Absorbed moisture quickly evaporates, so your bathroom floor stays slime-free, clean, and slip-resistant. 

Quick-dry Material Resists Germ & Molds 

Traditional bath mats never truly dry, making them the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria & fungi. Diatomaceous Earth allows moisture to fully evaporate in minutes, so germs simply can’t live on the material. Diatomaceous Earth dries quickly to help eliminate moist environment where mold thrives. 

Saves Laundry Time, Money, & Energy 

Unlike ordinary bath mats that need constant washing and replacing to keep them clean, the Stone Bath Mat never has to be washed. See a stain? Simply use the sanding tool to scrub it away.

Unbelievable Absorbency = Dries Feet In Seconds! 

The Stone Bath Mat’s porous surface has millions of small holes that instantly absorb moisture. If you step on it with wet feet, footprints disappear in seconds! Plus, no more lingering puddles on the floor.

Natural, Breathable Material = 100% Skin-Safe

The Clave's - AquaShield Mat™ uses only pure, top-grade Diatomaceous Earth. Made of fossilized algae with no chemical treatments, colorants, preservatives, or fragrances... it’s 100% safe for even the most sensitive skin.

Looks Beautiful, Feels Soothing

The first time you step on the Stone Bath Mat you’ll feel a completely new texture. Unlike fabric bath mats that feel soggy or gross, the Stone Bath Mat feels velvety-smooth — pampering your skin after a shower. Plus, it looks clean and elegant on any bathroom floor. 

The Clave's - AquaShield Mat™: 
Transform The Look, Smell, & Feel of Your Bathroom

Our customers report feeling cleaner, safer from slipping, and even comfier in their bathroom with The Stone Bath Mat. With its elegant look and texture, it also feels like a luxury upgrade from traditional fabric mats.

Our groundbreaking multi-layered design swiftly captures, absorbs, and evaporates moisture, ensuring your bathroom stays pristine and slip-free.

Bid farewell to unsightly, sopping wet bath mats. AquaShield Mat™'s cutting-edge technology guarantees a dry, fresh mat every time.

Say goodbye to hazardous water trails throughout your home. The AquaShield Mat™ absorbs water before it can become a slippery mess, making your bathroom a haven of safety.

This isn't your ordinary bath mat; it's the ultimate all-purpose mat designed to enhance any corner of your home. From your front entrance to the back, bathroom to balcony door, and even in the kitchen – its versatility knows no bounds!

Get The Last Bath Mat You’ll Ever Need  

Order Clave's - AquaShield Mat™ today and see why so many are raving about this “thirsty mat”

The Clave's - AquaShield Mat™ is NOT your old bathroom rug... 

See How it Beats Traditional Mats in Every Way

Traditional Bath Mat

Feels so Clean!

Diatomaceous Earth’s feels amazing on the feet and since it dries quickly it inhibits the moist environment where mold thrives. 

Active Cooling Technology

Dries fast to prevent sogginess, slime, & odor buildup 

Super Absorbent  

Soaks in water droplets in seconds, drying your feet right out of the shower 

Safe, Non-slip Surface

Gives a firm grip for feet & adheres to where you placed it on the floor, helping to prevent slips 

Zero Washing Needed

No more stinky, dirty rugs to wash! Just sand + air-dry as needed

The Verdict Is In:

Americans Love Clave's - AquaShield Mat™

Here’s what verified customers are saying: 

  • “This is the best bath mat I've ever used. No more soggy cloth to have to worry about, it dries almost instantly and looks great!” 

    Jason B.

  • “Absorbs quickly and dries quickly. No slipping or excess water on my bathroom floor. Matches my bathroom and doesn't need to be washed. Very simple and efficient. Profile aligns with my bathroom.” 

    Justin N.

  • “Love the product. Can't believe how absorbent it is. I had family over at my place and they saw the product nd now they want one too.” 

    Joel R.

“This is a real, hardworking ‘foot pad’... No doubt the best I’ve ever had.” 

Keep your feet clean, dry, and safely planted on the bathroom floor with The Clave's - AquaShield Mat™.

Clave's - AquaShield Mat™

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We’re so confident you’ll love Clave's - AquaShield Mat™ we’re giving you 30-days of protection at no extra charge.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Americans are loving how quick-dry, non-slip, affordable, and neat-looking Clave's - AquaShield Mat™ is.

“I hated stepping on a soggy mat. These stones are perfect.” 

Leave your feet and bathroom floor as clean and dry as a stone.

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